Partnerships should help build capability

14 Jul / 2020

Cythera Service

Individuals and companies like to use the term ‘partnership’ when trying to build rapport and relationships. This creates a sense of cooperation, collaboration and alliance for a beneficial outcome of each party.

Current market conditions may reflect a potential deflationary environment where organisations may pull back from hiring new staff. If this happens, how does your organisation react to changing conditions in departments? Consider how your ICT department operates. Are you willing to increase headcount to build internal capabilities, or would building a partnership with a domain expert be more efficient with departmental funds?

Here are five questions to consider when assessing ICT department’s cyber security capabilities:

1. What’s important to our business when choosing a partnership?
2. How do we define a partnership vs a supplier?
3. Do we have budget to hire internally?
4. Who in our department has cyber security capabilities?
5. How would a partnership augment our internal capabilities?

Whether you want to outsource activities or augment your existing team, find out how your organisation is willing to build a partnership while building capabilities. Consider Managed Detection & Response activities and how your current team would handle threats in real time. Examine how other protection capabilities could be managed with a fresh partnership.

Cythera commenced operations to help organisations of all sizes with cyber security capabilities. Building a long-term partnership is the ethos of company culture knowing sensitive data and data sources need protecting. Value is derived from a mutual benefit in all partnerships.

Get in contact with Team Cythera to better build your department capabilities.


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