Cyber Security Solutions

Market leading protection and response against cyber threats

Cythera’s cyber security solutions allow for the rapid deployment of assessment, protection, incident response and security assurance technologies to meet the security needs of Australian businesses, all delivered for a low monthly cost.

Cythera’s in-house team of cyber security professionals work from a state of the art Security Operations Centre (SOC) managing world class technology. Browse the cyber security solutions below.


Save Money Without Sacrificing Security

Thanks to partnerships with world-class cyber security platform providers, Cythera can deliver premier cyber security platforms at cost effective rates. Whether you need one or several of the above services, the team at Cythera will be able to scope out a solid cyber security plan for your business and provide training for your employees.

When combining your cyber protection with Cythera’s managed Cyber Security as a Service (SaaS) solutions your company could save hundreds of thousands of dollars of capital intensive:

  • Cyber security software costs
  • ICT hardware
  • Time consuming system review and planning
  • Full time cyber security experts in Australia
  • An in-house Security Operations Centre (SOC)


No Hidden Costs or
Lock-In Contracts

Cythera values their relationships with clients and only want the best results which is why they stand above the Australian competition by offering:

  • Month by month agreements
  • Fixed prices for security solutions
  • Minimal terms of commitment
  • Freedom to look at other cyber security solutions

If you need a reliable cyber Security as a Service (SaaS) or an outsourced third party to manage your network security then you can trust Cythera and the team of professionals ready to protect your company.

Are you currently experiencing a security incident?


Why Choose Cythera Services?

Cythera is an Australian owned and operated cyber security company with specialist, in-house cyber security professionals providing world-class cyber protection for medium to large companies and businesses all over Australia and the Asia / Pacific region.

Whether you are operating in a major capital city or a regional town or location, Cythera can provide affordable access to world-class cyber security solutions to protect from online threats and cyber criminals.

This is a great question because it is your employees who will need the ability to identify and be protected from social engineering attacks with phishing, hidden malware, ransomware and more.

Cythera offers a Cyber Awareness Training Platform which is specially designed to upskill and educate staff with best cyber security practices - learn more about staff training material here

An endpoint is a remote device which serves as an access point to your network or cloud environment and they should be protected. An endpoint can include:

  • Desktop computers
  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • Smart phones
  • Server Infrastructure

As these are employee devices there is an increased risk of security threats including email phishing, malware, ransomware and other sophisticated cyber attacks that Endpoint Detection and Response services can provide enhanced protection against.

Cythera’s managed security solutions use the best technology in the world. We researched and tested it against other leading solutions and based on our findings, our chosen solutions had the highest efficacy at stopping threats and included the best feature set with the most functional modularity. Additionally, each solution works

We also don't price based on log volumes. This can make other competitive services extremely expensive - especially if you don’t understand your total log volume requirement. In comparison we use an asset count (workstations, laptops and servers) and an "all you can eat philosophy" which allows customers to throw as much security data as they want at the system. So long as we know the asset count, that's all we care about.

Our team also utilises cutting-edge automation. Security Orchestration and Automation Response (SOAR) is relatively new to SOC solutions. We've built our based on this capability and allows us to auto-magically respond to threat detections without lifting a finger. Many competitive solutions are not this advanced. We also monitor User Behavior Analysis (UBA) to track insider threats and not just external attacks. This really helps businesses that are being attacked from the inside as we can detect and respond in real time. Most competitive solutions don't include UBA. We also incorporate threat hunting to pro-actively search for threats across a clients network and write custom playbooks to help fast track response to defined incidents.

The cost of your company's security solution depends entirely on your requirements, such as size, infrastructure, existing protection, number of endpoints and many more factors.

Our IT security service is cheaper than hiring a single security resource and clients would need more than one resource to provide 24x7 coverage anyway.

What can be relied on is your cyber security services being delivered at an affordable monthly subscription, simply priced which includes configuration, installation and ongoing specialised security support all delivered by Australian based operators.

You won’t be locked into ongoing contracts either because Cythera values partnerships. Our services have low commitment monthly terms.