Business Email Protection

Australian Reseller and Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP)

It’s a myth that cyber threats only target large or high profile organisations. Many cyber criminals attack small and medium sized businesses assuming they have a lower level of security which is why Cythera recommends the world-class email security platform Proofpoint.

Proofpoint provides multiple layers of email security preventing cyber criminals breaching your network. Being a common weakness in a businesses security, spam and phishing emails often target unsuspecting employees tricking them into revealing sensitive information or downloading files onto their computer which can infect your business network. Proofpoint can stop this and make your weakest security link into a fortified first line of defense.

Continue reading to find out why Proofpoint could be your best email security option which is a perfect fit for Microsoft Office 365 amongst other email providers.

PROVEN email security platform

Proofpoint is an ideal email security platform offering your business the following benefits:

Easy to manage email security platform
Cloud-based dashboard for multiple users
In-depth visibility into cyber threats
Protection for your employees
Saves time for your IT team and management
Allows you to focus on your business

Secure your business emails and enhance the frontline cyber defences of your company with one platform.


Why Choose Proofpoint Email Security

Being official resellers and distributors of Proofpoint in Australia, Cythera can deliver the world-class email security platform in full, or, at a low monthly cost with minimal terms of commitment.

Whichever option fits your business best,
you get all the Proofpoint features:

  • Email classification
  • Analysis of email attachments and potentially malicious URL’s
  • Automated encryption and data loss
  • Contingencies in the event of an email service going offline
  • Social media account monitoring
  • Integrated archiving to prevent data loss


ProofPoint’s Email Fraud Protection

In addition to its array of advanced email security defenses, Proofpoint’s platform can provide your business Email Fraud Defence to protect your employees and customers.

According to Proofpoint, business email compromise (BEC) is costing companies billions and Cythera are seeing those effects impact Australian sectors more and more every year.

Proofpoint’s cloud-based software gives you the peace of mind knowing your business emails have trusted email authentication processes. The easy to use dashboard will give your team insights into your email ecosystem and the ability to block fraudulent emails before they reach your employees, customers and stakeholders.

Cyber Security for Web

Australian Proofpoint Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP)

Unlike other security companies in Australia, Cythera is not only a reseller of the Proofpoint security platform but also a Managed Security Service Provider offering your company a 24/7 cyber security team.

Stay focused on your business operations and outsource the your protection to the cyber security experts at Cythera who will deliver:

  • Australian in-house professionals operating from Cythera’s Operations Centre
  • 24/7 monitoring and security management of your ICT Infrastructure
  • Cyber Security Incident Response planning and execution
  • Advanced review, reporting and ongoing improvements
  • Low cost month-by-month solutions

Proofpoint Reseller & Distributor

Cythera can deploy the Proofpoint email security
platform with your team.

Cythera can provide your business the Proofpoint email security platform and work with your team to implement the protection into your existing cyber security architecture or as a completely new cyber security service.

Whether you need professional guidance on your security needs, a third party Cyber Maturity Assessment of your existing security systems or a completely managed cloud security solution, the expert team at Cythera is ready to help.

Want to learn more about how Netskope can provide cloud security for your business operations? Contact the Cythera team

Cythera again goes one step beyond other security companies and offers education and staff training with ongoing Proofpoint support.

  • Training material for employees to improve cyber security best practices
  • Programs to train staff to identify the tactics and techniques attackers use
  • Assistance in designing security architectures and programmes


Why Choose Proofpoint
& Cythera?

Email security is the technology, procedures and techniques involved in protecting email accounts from external entities wanting to exploit your systems, like cyber criminals.

Propper email security will prevent security breaches, protect sensitive material, stop unauthorised access, spam, phishing, hacking and filter out malicious emails designed to trick employees into revealing login credentials, financial information or downloading malware or ransomware onto the company network.

Yes, Proofpoint has excellent protection against Email Phishing by advanced techniques to scan and assess incoming emails for malicious or deceptive content to identify them as email phishing attempts and block them before they arrive in your inbox.

Proofpoint will protect your entire email platform, like Microsoft Office 365, and the accounts on it so your staff will be protected with zero impact to their productivity.

Proofpoint’s email security software will scan all incoming emails for potentially dangerous content and block them before reaching the employees inbox.

Cythera are Proofpoint technology partners in Australia who can resell or provide a Managed Security Service (MSS) to your company.

The cost of deploying Proofpoint email security across your enterprise totally depends on your network, current cyber security protection and the level of email protection you need.

Speak to the Cythera team to understand your needs and the costs involved with Proofpoint.