Threat Intelligence

Keep your business assets and brand safe from the deep and dark web

Our threat intelligence service BrandProtect monitors the deep and dark web for any brand assets that might’ve leaked, such as user accounts, data, and passwords, and issues ‘takedowns’ of any assets found.

The deep web is the portion of the Internet that is hidden and not shown in conventional search engines, usually private forums. The dark web is accessed via special browsers, and usually include markets run by organised crime syndicates. Neither are places you want your company’s confidential information (or let’s face it, any information) exposed.

BrandProtect safeguards your business and brand from threats and compromises today, and into the future.

A BrandProtect takedown effectively removes any brand or business assets that we locate in our search from the deep and dark web, where they are at risk of being used in a way that could compromise your data security, business operations, and reputation.

An advanced external threat intelligence capability, it finds and mitigates threats directly targeting your organization, employees, and customers.

Cythera BrandProtect includes

  • External Threat Intelligence & Remediation
  • Clear, Deep and Dark web scanning
  • Digital footprint monitoring and visibility incl. Brand & Domain Spoofing
  • Accelerated Remediation with Targeted Takedowns
  • Ongoing Threat Report
  • Delivered as a managed service

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