Phishing & Email Security

Phishing & Email Security

It is a myth that cyber criminals only target large or high profile organisations. Many cyber attacks prey on small and medium businesses assuming they have a lower level of security and quite often it is via business emails they breach network security.

With cyber attacks via email increasing every year it’s no surprise that Cythera have business owners from all over Australia and the Asia-Pacific region wanting to upgrade their ineffective anti-virus software to enhanced email security platforms.

Email Security for Business

The most common types of cyber attacks come in the form of socially engineered emails designed to trick employees into providing sensitive information or prompting them to download files onto their computer which will infect a business network.

Cythera could have the best email security platform for your business. As an official Australian technology partners of the world-class email security platform, Sublime Security and Abnormal Security, your company can affordably access a robust email security solution designed for small to medium sized enterprises with the user benefits of:

  • Easy to manage security platform
  • Cloud-based dashboard
  • In-depth visibility into cyber threats
  • Protection for your employees
  • Save time and focus on your business

The Sublime email security platform uses advanced technology to detect threats quickly, accurately and performs detailed analysis:

  • Email classification
    • Bulk
    • Spam
    • Imposter email
    • Credential phishing
    • Virus
    • Adult
  • Analysis of email attachments and potentially malicious URL’s
  • Automated encryption and data loss
  • Contingencies in the event of an email service going offline
  • Social media account monitoring
  • Integrated archiving to prevent data loss
    • Automatically preserve email content and their attachments

    Sublime email security is ideal for Microsoft Office 365 and is better than typical anti-virus software. Contact the team at Cythera to discuss your business email security requirements in further detail.

    Email Phishing

    Email Phishing are socially engineered scam emails that may appear legitimate to users tricking them into sharing sensitive business information, personal information, login credentials or financial details.

    The email security services Cythera provides businesses use advanced techniques to scan and assess incoming emails for malicious or deceptive content to identify them as email phishing attempts and block them before they arrive in your inbox.

    In addition to the implementation of email security software, like Sublime Security, studies have shown that providing cyber awareness training for staff which includes Email Phishing education can make a dramatic impact on your defence against email scams. 

    Cyber Awareness Training for Staff

    Cythera’s awareness training empowers employees to become part of your defence against cyber threats.

    The training resources includes:

    • 1,000+ realistic phishing templates
    • Multiple phishing campaign templates
    • Phishing simulations
    • Sophisticated phishing cyber attacks
    • Phishy domains and website spoofing

    Australia has experienced a surge in fake emails, text messages, advertisements and automated phone calls in recent times resulting in millions of dollars lost annually to scams.
    Click here to learn more about cyber awareness training for staff.