Employee Training

Employee Training

The most common cyber threats your business encounters will be targeting your employees, not your systems, and in the event of a security breach history shows it can usually be traced back to human error which caused the incident.

Studies prove that the most effective way to strengthen your organisation’s first line of cyber-defence is by investing in cyber security training for employees to upskill their abilities to recognise threats and prevent security breaches.

Cythera helps protect businesses all around Australasia by providing world-class cyber security awareness training and education services for:

  • Employees in every role
  • Management and stakeholders
  • IT departments
  • All industries
  • All sectors
    • Government
    • Financial
    • Healthcare

Cyber Awareness Training for Employees

Cythera understands that unstimulating and unengaging training material will not deliver the results your business needs. The cyber awareness training material your employees receive from Cythera is designed for maximum participation and engagement to teach employees about cyber security, how to identify threats and how to respond.

The comprehensive employee training material includes:

  • Central dashboard and unique user login
  • Easy to understand training modules
  • Posters and infographics
  • Gamification to increase engagement
  • Custom and pre-built cyber security awareness training plans
  • Reports and assessments
  • Training program automation
  • Industry- and role-based cyber security training
  • And much more

Protection against the most common cyber threat your business faces: Email Phishing

Email Phishing are socially engineered scam emails that may appear legitimate to uneducated users tricking them into sharing sensitive business information, personal information, login credentials or financial details.

Cythera’s phishing awareness training will empower your employees to become your strongest line of defence against cyber threats. The training resources includes:

  • 1,000+ realistic phishing templates
  • Multiple phishing campaign templates
  • Phishing simulations
  • Sophisticated phishing cyber attacks
  • Phishy domains and website spoofing

Australia has experienced a surge in fake emails, text messages, advertisements and automated phone calls in recent times resulting in millions of dollars lost annually to scams. Start protecting your business today by contacting the Cythera team to learn more about the cyber awareness training your team needs.

Cyber Security Training for IT Departments

Going beyond the basic cyber security awareness training a typical employee would receive, Cythera can deliver IT Departments advanced cyber security training and upskilling via Infosec Institute’s advanced training platform.

All Infosec Institute skills training map directly to the NICE Framework (National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education) to help build role-relevant, scalable IT team development programs that enhance and upskill cyber security skills and knowledge.

  • Security culture survey to assess employee behaviours and perceptions
  • Orchestrate employee-reported phishing emails and incident response
  • Learn how to defend against MITRE ATT&CK® Matrix tactics and techniques
  • Perform hands-on penetration tests and write secure code
  • Hundreds of courses and skills paths to select from
  • And much more

To learn more about the best ways to keep your IT department up to date with the latest cyber security knowledge, contact the team at Cythera who can discuss your requirements and options today.

Infosec Institute: A World Class Employee Cyber Awareness Training Platform

Cythera has teamed up with a global leader of cyber security employee training, Infosec Institute, to deliver their world-class cyber security education to Australian businesses and their employees.

Featuring all the features written above, Cythera can supply and manage the education platform to your company as an official Infosec Institute Managed Service Provider (MSP) in Australia.

You can learn more about the Infosec Institute platform here

Combining employee security awareness training with Cythera’s comprehensive range of cyber security solutions, you can conduct business as normal knowing your:

  • IT infrastructure is secure
  • your brand and reputation is strong
  • your employees are safe