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Infosec Institute Cyber Security Awareness Training

Official Training Partner in Cyber Security Awareness and Upskilling

Cythera has teamed up with a global leader of cyber security awareness employee training, the Infosec Institute, to deliver their world-class security education to Australian companies and their employees.

Employee knowledge is one of the most effective cyber security measures a company can invest in as human error accounts for over 90% of cyber security breaches.

Being Infosec Institute’s Australian MSP training partner, Cythera can deliver the comprehensive security training platform for your employees and upskill your IT department with easy to use and understand training material and modules.

Cyber Security Training for Employees

Cyber criminals are trying to exploit the weakest part of your security network: your employees

Change the narrative today. Make all of your employees part of your cyber defence.
Contact Cythera about Infosec to understand more about our leading employee cyber security training platform.

About 93% of cyber security breaches are caused by human error.

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Scams are up 89% in Australia in 2021.

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Australians will lose over $211 million in scams this year.

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Vast majority of remote workers have not been trained on safe cyber security habits.

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Cyber Security Training for Employees and Management

Cythera offers Australian companies advanced cyber security training for employees with easy-to-understand material and gamified educational programs to help employees learn valuable cyber security practices.

Cythera can establish the Infosec Institute training platform for your company and help manage it as an official Australian managed service provider (MSP). Otherwise your HR department or IT team can administer the program for your employees.

The comprehensive training material includes:

  • Over 2000 easy to understand training modules, posters and infographics
  • Custom and Pre-built cyber security awareness training plans
  • Email Phishing simulators
  • Reports and assessments
  • Training program automation
  • Industry- and role-based cyber security training
  • And much more

Email Phishing Awareness Training

Email phishing is a major cyber security threat which targets unsuspecting employees with convincing socially engineered messages designed to trick people into revealing confidential information, such as online banking logins, credit card details, business login credentials or passwords.

Cythera can provide your employees top quality phishing awareness training using the Infosec Institute advanced phishing simulations and training material including:

  • 1,000+ realistic phishing templates
  • Multiple phishing campaign templates
  • Phishing simulations
  • Sophisticated phishing cyber attacks
  • Phishy domains and website spoofing


Cyber Security Training and Upskilling for IT Departments
and CTO’s

Going beyond the basic cyber security awareness training a typical employee would receive, Cythera can deliver IT Departments advanced cyber security training and upskilling via Infosec Institute’s advanced training platform.

All Infosec Institute skills training map directly to the NICE Framework National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education to help build role-relevant, scalable IT team development programs that enhance and upskill cyber security skills and knowledge.

  • Security culture survey to assess employee behaviours and perceptions
  • Orchestrate employee-reported phishing emails and incident response
  • Learn how to defend against MITRE ATT&CK® Matrix tactics and techniques
  • Perform hands-on penetration tests and write secure code
  • Hundreds of courses and skills paths to select from
  • And much more

To learn more about the best ways to keep your IT department up to date with the latest cyber security knowledge, contact the team at Cythera who can discuss your requirements and options today.

ADVANTAGES of infosec institute

Infosec Institute Cyber Security Training via Cythera

Security education for every role in an organisation

Access broad or role-specific cyber security training material
Boost security awareness for entry level staff right up to management, IT departments and CTO’s

Infosec Institute training is a highly awarded platform used globally

Your HR department can operate and administer the platform
Cythera is an Australian Managed Service Provider (MSP) who can provide the security training to your employees

Easy to understand cyber security training material for employees

Gamified training platform for an engaging education
Training posters, resources, presentations and infographics

Custom and pre-build training plans for all sectors:

Your HR department can operate and administer the platform
Cythera is an Australian Managed Service Provider (MSP) who can provide the security training to your employees


Why Should You Choose the Infosec Institute?

Cyber security awareness training are curated programs designed to teach employees the knowledge to recognise, avoid and identify cyber attacks and security incidents.

Majority of cyber attacks target the human individual rather than IT infrastructure and networks because they are usually the weakest link in a company’s security network.

Cyber security awareness is a proven resource to minimise cyber security breaches.

The cyber security skills gap has never been bigger in Australia. The pace of technological advance far exceeds the individual's cyber security awareness and upskilling your employees with cyber awareness training is a proven security measure to reduce the event of a critical cyber security breach.

Even team members of IT departments declare their willingness to regularly participate in cyber security awareness training to stay ahead of the rapid advancements of cyber threats.

Cythera is an Infosec Institute managed service provider (MSP) in Australia so no matter where your employees are situated in Australia, Cythera can establish your company with Infosec Institute’s range of employee training software.

Infosec Institute’s training courses are emailed to each employee using unique tracking links. This allows learners to complete training without logging in. However you have the option to authenticate employees before serving training content via single sign-on (SSO).


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