Automated Patch Management

Making sure your business applications and operating systems are always using the latest software version is an effective way of maintaining and ensuring your network security is in optimal health.

The challenge most businesses experience is when there are too many endpoints on a network for one person to physically check and manage, or trust employees to do it themselves, then updates go unnoticed and security flaws present themselves

This is a problem which has become a lot more prominent with the increase of remote working and multiple endpoints per user.

Cythera have the perfect patch management solution called Automox which is an advanced automated patch management tool with the added features of:

  • Complete inventory of business hardware and software
  • Patch details and configuration for your corporate endpoints
  • Update misconfigured systems from one central location
  • Deploy required software updates for applications
  • Segment your inventory into groups for departmentalised overviews

Automox Automated Patch Management

Automox’s automated patch management will update the operating systems and third party applications on your company computers and networked devices - no matter of its location.

Going beyond the cyber security benefit of keeping your endpoint operating systems and applications up to date, Automox delivers your IT Department complete oversight and inventory management of hardware, software letting them:

  • Change, deploy or uninstall software at scale
  • Reduce the resistance, time consumption and impact on users
  • Manage remote devices in your network
  • Live confirmation of success
  • Advanced level of control and patch deployment

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How to get started with Automated Patch Management

As an Australian technology partner of Automox, the cyber security team at Cythera can implement the patch management system for your business and offer two types of service:

Induct your IT department who will manage the patch management software moving forward. Cythera will always be on standby to provide support and assistance.

Deliver a Security SaaS service where the in-house experts at Cythera will be your cyber security team who manage the automated patch management software on your behalf.

You can learn more about Cythera’s Security Saas services here or watch the below video which shows how your team will use Automox’s patch management dashboard to control your companies endpoints and their patch status.


More About Patch Management Software

What is a software patch?

A software patch is a set of updates dispatched by the third party vendor to improve, fix or implement new features in a program. Usually a patch includes ‘fixes’ to functionality issues the application is experiencing, adds new or improves existing features and improves security.

Why is patching software important for cyber security?
Amongst the other system updates, a patch supplies existing applications and programs software updates which can also include ‘fixes’ for underlying cyber security vulnerabilities in the files.

Ensuring your systems are running on the latest software versions will keep you protected against known security vulnerabilities and the cyber threats criminals are looking to exploit.

What cloud based applications, operating systems and programs does Automox provide automatic patch and software updates to?
Cyther recommends Automox because it applies to both Windows and iOS operating systems that covers an array of popular applications and programs that businesses use. You can see the full list of popular third part applications it provides patch management for, which includes:

  • Patch management for Microsoft Office 365
  • Adobe
  • Dropbox
  • Google Chrome
  • iTunes
  • Microsoft OneDrive
  • Skype
  • Zoom
  • Slack
  • And more