Case Study: Local Government

Cyber Security Solution for local government in Australia

Government Cyber Security Local Council

Cythera created a cyber security partnership to internal IT team via managed services

Client Details

This client is a Local Government Council employing over 1,000 people in the south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. It covers a growing population of 150,000 people with an annual budget of $245 million.

  • Industry: Local Government
  • Client Size: 1,000+ Employees
  • Location: Melbourne
Government Cyber Security Local Council

Prior Network Security Situation

The Challenge.

The local Council recognised how difficult it was to manage cyber security, especially trying to find and retain specialised security resources.

They determined that partnering with a specialist managed security service provider was the best approach to protect the Council whislt also maximising the return on a limited IT investment capacity.

The Council IT team also lacked cyber-threat detection and response capabilities and was concerned this exposed them to unsustainable risk.

The Solution.

Cythera proposed its award-winning cloud-delivered Managed Detection and Response service which incorporates 24x7 Security Operations Centre (SOC) as a service, automation and proactive incident response to detect and respond to security threats using a combination of Australian based, human-led operations team and Rapid7 advanced cyber monitoring software.

Cythera utilises Rapid7’s extremely powerful InsighIDR, InsightVM and InsightConnect Pro Automation software which includes over 900 behavioural-based threat detections, monitors more than 700,000 vulnerabilities and has the capacity to efficiently automate incident response.

Cythera also incorporated a named lead security operation analyst into the service who is responsible for working as an extension of the Council’s IT operations team to deliver human-led security event triage, reponse and operational support.

Local Government CYBER SECURITY

The Outcome of Cythera’s Cyber Security Services

  • Behavioural-based threat detection
  • Advanced monitoring software
  • Managed detection and response service
  • 24x7 Security Operations Centre
  • Extension to internal IT team

The local Council has improved their security posture and reduced overall cyber risk. This has provided the Council executives with a much higher level of comfort and overall satisfaction.

The Cythera cyber security service ensures the Council proactively and efficiently responds to unavoidable incidents, such as zero-day vulnerabilities, without impacting the internal IT teams workload.

The Council’s IT team have a trusted partner to deliver managed cyber security services.

client Testimonial

Cythera operates as an extension of our team. When we call there is an immediate response and the person that answers our call is the person that resolves our issue.

Cythera understands our network, and more importantly, has taken the time to understand our business. We find it eay to work with Cythera. They are approachable, flexible and have taken the time to build deep relationships with our team. It is a partnership and friendship.

Cythera’s personalised, highly specialised services makes all the difference. We would recommend Cythera to anyone in the industry looking for a managed services partner.


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