About Cythera Cyber Security

The Australian cyber security company
protecting business with world-leading solutions at affordable prices

Cythera is an Australian cyber security company with in-house cyber security professionals providing world-class cyber protection to medium to large companies and businesses all over Australia from the Cythera offices in Melbourne CBD.

All Cythera team members are passionate advocates of the belief all Australian businesses should have affordable access to world-class cyber security solutions to protect from online threats and cyber criminals.

With modern business practices and cloud-based services from web-titans like Amazon, Google and Microsoft, customers no longer have an expectation to pay in advance for the hardware or infrastructure needed to underpin their businesses. Recognising this shift, Cythera have built a business focused on delivering cyber security outcomes, purely as a service, consumed on a month-by-month basis by our customers.

Our team doesn't want to sell you the newest device at the highest price — Cythera is a turn-key cybersecurity provider with your best interests in mind. You are never just a ticket number with us; our network engineers know all of our clients by name and we protect your ICT networks as if it were our own.


The Cythera team is composed of cyber security leaders and industry veterans with backgrounds as highly successful entrepreneurs, Tier 1 telco and IT vendor providers.

Craig Joyce


Craig has helped build new businesses, grow others and assisted many individuals in building a successful career in IT. A member of the team that brought O2 Networks to life, he has spent most of his career helping customers solve tricky problems with technology; always with an eye on business outcomes.

Be it technology, cars, music or farm machinery, it all sticks in his head as something to investigate, rank and analyse. He loves nothing more than to get into critiques of post-punk records, checking out the latest craft beers, all while thinking about what will be the next major technology development that will change the way we live our lives.

Euan Prentice


Euan has a simple but lofty goal in life … visit 100 countries by the tender age of 50. Currently sitting with 55 flags against his name and 1600 odd days remaining he may need to leave his young family at home and retrace the silk road.

Passionate about all things technology, from FinTech to Cyber Security, Euan has a proven track record of building fabulous IT companies. O2 Networks was pretty good, Cythera will be epic. Many ask how does he find the time? "Easy, I hire great people who know more than me and allow them to be super smart and fabulously customer focused”.

Ben Cuthbert

Services Director

Leading the Services and Security Operations team at Cythera, Ben’s a technologist and engineer through and through.

Ben has spent 15+ years in the IT and cyber security sector throughout Asia Pacific, delivering best of breed solutions to clients across a range of sectors and geographies. He most recently worked for class-leading vendors including F5 Networks and Palo Alto Networks, in systems engineering and security architecture roles.

Critical to his unique perspective, he’s also been a manager, buyer and engineer on the client side too, and brings a unique perspective and experience to each of Cythera's clients.

Tim Sank

Sales Director

As the Sales Manager at Cythera, there’s a lot to know about Tim, but the important facts are - he always puts his client’s needs first and has an insatiable appetite to help them succeed.

Tim has 15+ years of experience specialising in Enterprise Networking and Security and over this time has proven capability in building a Managed Services practice from inception to a thriving business which was responsible for managing and maintaining some of Australia’s largest and most complex network environments.

Delivering best of breed managed environments requires discipline on execution, analysis and proactive support. Tim brings passion, clarity and a strong track record in delivering managed IT solutions to Cythera.

cythera cyber security

Why Choose Cythera Services?

Cythera is a specialist Cyber Security Managed Services Provider (MSSP) which means our in-house team of Australian experts will help defend our clients from cyber attacks and deliver IT security services as a modular subscription that is specifically designed for businesses that don't have dedicated security resources.

Our cyber security portfolio utilises best-in-class technology from leading global technology vendors which is operated and supported by a team of Australian based Cythera security experts.

Our solutions are affordably priced, but still use enterprise grade technology to ensure smaller businesses can afford to stay defended against even the most advanced threats - just like a big bank. We're 100% security focused and extremely specialised which means we can respond quickly to security risks and we continuously search for emerging ways to best protect our clients.

Cyber crime is a big issue. The average cost of cyber crime to a business in Australia is around $276,000, and over the course of the last two years there has been a dramatic increase. Many businesses could not afford this type of cost and with more employees now working remotely due to COVID-19 there is further likelihood of cyber attack on employees when not working from a secured office location. Cyber criminals have many ways of crafting a cyber attack, whether this is via phishing (email, sms), ransomware, credential theft, unpatched applications, or even fileless attacks. Without the proper security controls, it's not a matter of if a business will be attacked, it's when!

The Cythera team can help your company prevent cyber threats and rapidly respond to cyber attacks like phishing, account compromise, malware, ransomware, fileless attacks and even securing critical systems and cloud applications. Put simply, we protect your users and systems from cyber attack and we can also monitor and defend against malicious internal behavior which could result in the loss of sensitive data, private information, financial details or critical ICT systems.

Cythera’s managed security solutions use the best technology in the world. We researched and tested it against other leading solutions and based on our findings, our chosen solutions had the highest efficacy at stopping threats and included the best feature set with the most functional modularity. Additionally, each solution works

We also don't price based on log volumes. This can make other competitive services extremely expensive - especially if you don’t understand your total log volume requirement. In comparison we use an asset count (workstations, laptops and servers) and an "all you can eat philosophy" which allows customers to throw as much security data as they want at the system. So long as we know the asset count, that's all we care about.

Our team also utilises cutting-edge automation. Security Orchestration and Automation Response (SOAR) is relatively new to SOC solutions. We've built our based on this capability and allows us to auto-magically respond to threat detections without lifting a finger. Many competitive solutions are not this advanced. We also monitor User Behavior Analysis (UBA) to track insider threats and not just external attacks. This really helps businesses that are being attacked from the inside as we can detect and respond in real time. Most competitive solutions don't include UBA. We also incorporate threat hunting to pro-actively search for threats across a clients network and write custom playbooks to help fast track response to defined incidents.

The cost of your company's security solution depends entirely on your requirements, such as size, infrastructure, existing protection, number of endpoints and many more factors.

Our IT security service is cheaper than hiring a single security resource and clients would need more than one resource to provide 24x7 coverage anyway.

What can be relied on is your cyber security services being delivered at an affordable monthly subscription, simply priced which includes configuration, installation and ongoing specialised security support all delivered by Australian based operators.

You won’t be locked into ongoing contracts either because Cythera values partnerships. Our services have low commitment monthly terms.