Automox Patch Management

Automox Patch Management

Patching and Updates
from a Single Console

Companies all around Australia use third party applications, software and programs to enable the smooth flow of day to day business operations.

These business applications are usually secure but when the software isn’t running on the most recent version it leaves security vulnerabilities that cyber criminals can exploit.

Infact, it’s estimated that third party applications make up for over 75% of all endpoint security vulnerabilities which pose a serious threat to your network security.

This can equate to a big problem if a company has hundreds of employees all using emails, Microsoft Office and other business programs who may not be aware how to update their systems, or if a new software update is available.

Cythera offers you Automox Patch Protect so you never miss a software patch again and keep your network security strong.

find and fix vulnerabilities

Your network security may be at risk if your third
party applications are not up to date at all times.

Does your company use third party applications, programs and software including:

  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Zoom or Skype
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Adobe Acrobat
  • Chrome
  • Slack Instant Messaging

Contact Cythera about implementing automated patch management for your third party applications and tightening your network security.

automated patch management

What is Automox’s automated patch management?

Automox’s automated patch management will update the operating systems and third party applications on your company computers and networked devices - no matter of its location.

Going beyond the cyber security benefit of keeping your endpoint operating systems and applications up to date, Automox delivers your IT Department complete oversight and inventory management of hardware, software and patch details by third party vendors.

Cythera can supply your company with the Automox cyber security platform. Watch the video below to see the Automox automated patch management software in action.

AUTOMOX Benefits

What are the benefits of Automox’s automated patch management?

Complete inventory of business hardware
Inventory of all your business software
Details on patches and configuration for your corporate endpoints
Update misconfigured systems without requiring multiple tools
Deploy required software updates for applications
Segment your inventory into groups for departmentalised overviews
Change, deploy or uninstall software at scale
Reduce the resistance, time consumption and impact on users
Manage remote devices in your network
Live confirmation of success
Advanced level of control and patch deployment
Cloud native - No VPN or servers required
Protect users no matter where they are
Immediately patch vulnerabilities based on severity
Cross platform support
Utilise for endpoint hardening


Automox Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) in Australia

Unlike other security companies in Australia, Cythera is not only a distributor and reseller of the Automox security platform but also a Managed Security Service Provider to ensure top-quality third party application protection for your company.

Stay focused on your business operations and outsource the your protection to the cyber security experts at Cythera who will deliver:

  • Australian in-house professionals operating from Cythera’s Operations Centre
  • 24/7 monitoring and security management of your ICT Infrastructure
  • Cyber Security Incident Response planning and execution
  • Advanced review, reporting and ongoing improvements
  • Low cost month-by-month solutions


Why Choose Automox
& Cythera?

A software patch is a set of updates provided by the third party vendor to improve, fix or implement new features in a program or system. Usually a patch includes ‘fixes’ to functionality issues the application is experiencing, adds new or improves existing features and improves security.

Amongst the other system updates, a patch supplies existing applications and programs software updates which can also include ‘fixes’ for underlying cyber security vulnerabilities in the files.

Ensuring your systems are running on the latest software versions will keep you protected against known security vulnerabilities and the cyber threats criminals are looking to exploit.

Automox provides automated patch updates for a range of popular applications used by Australian companies and continues to add more to their service. You can see the full list of third party patching software here

Ensuring your applications are up to date is extremely important for the cyber security of a companies ICT infrastructure and Automox is a terrific way to ensure you are always up to date.

Contact the cyber security experts at Cythera to get more information and a consult based upon your unique requirements, otherwise check out the great reviews for Automox.

Cythera are Automox technology partners in Australia who can resell, establish and provide a Managed Security Service (MSS) to your company.

The cost of deploying Automox security across your enterprise totally depends on your network and the number of endpoints.

Speak to the Cythera team to understand your needs and the costs involved with Automox.