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AI-based cloud email security

Protect your workforce against the full spectrum of email attacks.

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All businesses are susceptible to cyber attacks entering via email, not just the large or high profile organisations. As email phishing techniques become increasingly sophisticated the best way to stay ahead is by looking towards the abnormal to protect against the new normal.

Abnormal Security is a next-generation email security platform which uses data science and a behaviour based approach to protect business emails and staff email accounts.

Since introducing Abnormal Security to Australian business IT environments, the Cythera team of cyber security experts have seen a stark improvement in email protection over traditional email gateways (SEC), increasing efficacy against account takeover, supply chain fraud, executive impersonation, ransomware and advanced email phishing.

Continue reading to find out why Abnormal Security could be your best email security option which is a perfect fit for Microsoft Office 365, Google Workplace and other email providers for business.

Business email security platform

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Get a comprehensive email security solution capable of fully replacing a Security Email Gateway (SEG).

Cloud-native email security with high efficacy
Uses behavioural AI to stop never-before-seen email attacks
Real-time assessment of vendor risk to block supply chain attacks
Detects and automatically remediates compromised email accounts
Dashboard overviews of metrics, insights, actions and blocklists
Integrated Cloud Email Security (ICES) for Australian business

Abnormal Security’s ICES can compliment an existing SEG working as the last line of defence which can block even the most advanced cyber security threats entering via business email accounts.

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email protection for all your staff

Why Choose Abnormal Security Email Security

Cythera cyber security is the proud Australian partner of the world-class email protection platform, Abnormal Security, who offer a full Integrated Cloud Email Security (ICEC) for business.

Abnormal Security offers Australian
businesses peace of mind against:

  • Business email compromise
  • Executive Impersonation
  • Supply chain compromise
  • Credential phishing luring unexpecting staff
  • Ransomware and malware initiated by email
  • Full account takeover
  • Spam and graymail
Abnormal Security Email Protection data

Understand the normal to recognise the abnormal

Abnormal Security Email Protection

Abnormal Security Email Protection data

Abnormal Security offers a next-generation email security platform that uses AI-based processes to identify cyber threats and stop them infiltrating businesses IT sytems.

Infact, Abnormal analyses over 45,000 signals to detect anomalies that deviate from your baseline which has proven to be an effective method of identifying and blocking potentially dangerous, malicious and unwanted emails that bypass other email security solutions.

Abnormal Security’s integrated cloud email security software gives you the peace of mind knowing your business emails have trusted email authentication processes.

Focus on business as usual knowing your business emails and employees are protected from attempted cyber incidents.

Cyber Security for Web

Australian Abnormal Security Managed
Security Service Provider (MSSP)

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Unlike other security companies in Australia, Cythera is an official technology partner of Abnormal Security and a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) offering you 24/7 next-generation cyber protection for your company emails and staff email accounts.

Stay focused on your business operations while Cythera cuber security deliver:

  • Australian in-house professionals operating from Cythera’s Security Operations Centre (SOC)
  • 24/7 monitoring and security management of your ICT Infrastructure
  • Cyber Security Incident Response planning and execution
  • Advanced review, reporting and ongoing improvements
  • Low cost month-by-month email security solutions
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Abnormal Security Reseller & Distributor

Cythera can deploy the Abnormal Security email security platform with your team.

Cythera’s in-house team of Australian cyber security experts can provide your business the Abnormal Security email security platform and work with your team to implement the protection into your existing Secure Email Gateway (SEC) or as a completely new cyber security email protection service.

Whether you need professional guidance on your cyber protection requirements, a third party Cyber Maturity Assessment of your existing security systems or a completely managed cyber security solution, the cyber security team at Cythera is ready to help.

Want to learn more about how Abnormal Security can provide email security for your business? Contact the Cythera team

Cythera again goes one step beyond other security companies and offers education and staff training with ongoing Abnormal Security support.

  • Training material for employees to improve cyber security best practices
  • Programs to train staff to identify the tactics and techniques attackers use
  • Assistance in designing security architectures and programmes
  • Educate staff to detect phishing emails


Why Abnormal Security & Cythera will keep you focussed on business as usual?

Email security is the technology, procedures and techniques involved in protecting email accounts from external entities wanting to exploit your systems, like cyber criminals.

A well-established email security platform will prevent security breaches, protect sensitive material, stop unauthorised access, spam, phishing, hacking and filter out malicious emails designed to trick employees into revealing login credentials, financial information or downloading malware or ransomware onto the company network.

Abnormal Security business email protection platform is fully capable of replacing your systems Security Email Gateway (SEG), so a SEG will no longer be required.

Having said that, the Abnormal Security's Integrated Cloud Email Security (ICES) system can compliment an existing SEG and work along side the security systems as a robust email defense.

If you aren't sure if your business should run a SEG simultaneously or not, feel free to contact the Cythera team and ask.

Yes! Abnormal Security is a terrific way to protect your employees from sophisticated cyber threats trying to infiltrate your business IT systems via email. Abnormal Security uses next generation technology to identify email threats, including email phishing, executive impersonation and malware, and stop them before they reach an employees inbox.

Cythera are the Abnormal Security technology partners in Australia who can resell or provide a Managed Security Service (MSS) to your business.

The cost of deploying Abnormal Security email protection across your enterprise totally depends on your network, current cyber security protection and the level of email protection you need.

Speak to the Cythera team to understand your needs and the costs involved with Abnormal Security.