Rapid 7

Managed Security Service Provider

Comprehensive cyber protection for your entire network and ICT infrastructure

Rapid7 cyber security platform can provide your enterprise a broad range of security solutions which will protect your environment and give your team enhanced visibility of the entire network equipping them for rapid detection of cyber threats and fast response times to eliminate security breaches.

The Rapid7 platform is being used by some of the world's largest companies and is recognised globally as a leading cyber security platform.

Whether you’re creating new cyber security processes or supporting your existing security practices, Cythera can deliver the Rapid7 solution anywhere in Australia and work with your team to deploy, manage and enhance your cyber protection.


Cythera is the official Rapid7’s APAC Managed Service (MSP) Partner of the Year

Cythera is proud to be announced as Rapid7’s APAC Managed Service (MSP) Partner of the Year for their outstanding performances of protecting Australian businesses with high quality managed services using the range of Rapid7 capabilities with accountability, consistency, and transparency.

"We have developed an extremely flexible MSSP portfolio to suit the needs of Australian businesses. The various Rapid7 platforms provide a solid foundation for many facets of our managed security services portfolio and their tool set is incredibly powerful in helping us address the cyber protection and assurance needs of our growing customer base."

Craig Joyce, Cythera Director

Rapid7 Technology Partner

Rapid7 Technology Partner in Australia

Cythera is a Rapid7 technology partner in Australia who will implement the security platform trusted by companies around the world.

The major benefit of the Rapid7 cyber security platform is its broad spectrum array of cyber protection for your company which can be installed in parallel with your existing security or a complete standalone system.

Rapid7 Solutions

Get advanced protection with the Rapid7 solutions:


Australian Rapid7 Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP)

Unlike other security companies in Australia, Cythera is not only a reseller of the Rapid7 security platform but also a Managed Security Service Provider offering your company a 24/7 cyber security team.

Stay focused on your business operations and outsource the your protection to the cyber security experts at Cythera who will deliver:

  • Australian in-house professionals operating from Cythera’s Operations Centre
  • 24/7 monitoring and security management of your ICT Infrastructure
  • Cyber Security Incident Response planning and execution
  • Advanced review, reporting and ongoing improvements
  • Low cost month-by-month solutions

Rapid7 Reseller and Distributor

Cythera can deploy the Rapid7 cyber security platform with your team.

Whether you need professional guidance on your security needs, a third party Cyber Maturity Assessment of your existing security systems or a completely managed cyber security solution, the expert team at Cythera is ready to help.

Want to learn more about how Rapid7 can provide cyber security for your enterprise? Contact the Cythera team today

Cythera again goes one step beyond other security companies and offers education and staff training with ongoing Rapid7 support.

  • Training material for employees to improve cyber security best practices
  • Programs to train staff to identify the tactics and techniques attackers use
  • Assistance in designing security architectures and programmes


Why Choose Rapid7 & Cythera?

Enhanced vulnerability management, live endpoint analytics and real-time risk assessment.

Application security lets your IT network security team introduce cyber security with ease throughout your application and web based application operations.

Cloud Security enables continuous security and compliance in the cloud with status overviews throughout the system.

Accelerates detection and response speeds by increasing efficiency with embedded threat intelligence, detections and automated processes.

Threat Command monitors thousands of sources across the clear, deep, and dark web to identify and mitigate threats that directly target your unique digital footprint.

InsightConnect unites your technology stack through custom workflows to accelerate security and IT processes.

Traditionally, malware attacks involved malicious programs hidden in files which could do serious harm when opened. To prevent these, antivirus software woud scan the files to validate its contents and flag files that were potentially Malware.

Much like all technology, cyber criminals are advancing their strategies to infect your system with malware that doesn’t require space on the disk (where the traditional antivirus software searches) and goes straight to the memory of the system.

The Rapid7 platform Cythera can provide your company will detect both traditional malware attacks and fileless or malware-free attacks enabling your security team swift containment.

As an Australian cyber security company, Cythera always recommends you have protection against Ransomware as we’ve seen a dramatic increase of Australian businesses falling victim to these attacks.

The Rapid7 platform helps detect and protect against Ransomware when deployed in your IT infrastructure - speak to our team to discuss how best to protect your company from Ransomware.

Cythera are Rapid7 technology partners in Australia who can resell, establish and provide a Managed Security Service (MSS) to your company.

The cost of deploying Rapid7 security across your enterprise totally depends on your network, current cyber security protection and the level scale of Rapid7 protection you need.

Speak to the Cythera team to understand your needs and the costs involved with Rapid7.