Managed Cyber Security Overview

Managed Cyber Security Services

Your Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) With World-Class Cyber Security

Cythera looks to set ourselves apart by offering a complete managed solution as a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) where you leverage our team of cyber security practitioners providing 24/7 managed cyber protection, threat detection and rapid incident response.

Partner with Cythera and our dedicated team of cyber security professionals working to manage world class outcomes for clients.

Do You Need A Managed Cyber Security Solution

Cythera’s Managed Security Service (MSS) is designed for companies who:

  • Don’t have the ability to monitor and detect unusual activity
  • Haven’t got the ability to quickly handle cyber threats
  • Lack the experience to identify a false positive or a real cyber threat
  • Can’t support a dedicated in-house cyber security team

Business in Australia has experienced a significant change the past years with an increasing need to rely on cloud-based applications, mobile devices and remote working to collaborate and store confidential personal, financial and critical data.

With cyber threats becoming more prevalent it’s crucial to have the right Security as a Service (SaaS).

Save Money Without Sacrificing Security

Cythera’s managed cyber security solutions is a cost effective way of protection for your company which can save hundreds of thousands of dollars of capital intensive:

  • Cyber security software costs
  • IT hardware
  • Time consuming system review and planning
  • Full time cyber security experts who are in high demand in Australia
  • An in-house Security Operations Centre (SOC)

Not to mention the potentially business-crippling event of a full blown cyber attack that could have been avoided which may include Ransomware, Malware, Denial of Service (DOS), business email compromise and more.

No Hidden Costs or Lock-In Contracts

Cythera values their relationships with clients and only want the best results which is why they stand above the competition by offering:

  • Month by month agreements
  • Fixed prices for security solutions
  • Minimal terms of commitment
  • Outcome-based security solutions

If you need a reliable cyber service provider or a trusted partner to manage your security then you can rely on Cythera and the team of professionals ready to protect your business.

Are you currently experiencing a security incident?


What You Need To Know About (MSSP)

The cyber security platform your company needs will be the one that best suits your business requirements and IT infrastructure.

Cythera can assist in the implementation and running of your security platform, otherwise we can conduct a comprehensive Cyber Maturity Assessment and consult on what cyber security technologies will best suit you and your team.

Going beyond a one-off service, Cyber Security as a Service is a subscription-based capability where our managed security team will deliver ongoing managed protection and monitoring services on a month-by-month basis.

Absolutely - we aim to cover the full array of an organisation's technology footprint in order to provide the most comprehensive monitoring and protection capability.

Cythera offers cyber security solutions for businesses and companies all over Australia and the Asia-Pacific no matter how complex their IT infrastructure is.

The team at Cythera would be more than happy to hear from you! We can help you source and implement many cyber security capabilities, or we can help identify the perfect fit.

Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) is a third party cyber security company who can manage all, or part, of your company’s security efforts.

Cythera offers a comprehensive MSSP service which includes:

  • Monitor your IT systems
  • Detect unusual, suspicious or targeted cyber threats
  • Investigate potential cyber threats that are detected
  • Respond to a cyber breach to contain and eliminate the threat
  • Report and review the ongoing health of your security