Cythera and Druva: A Strategic Alliance for Essential Eight Compliance and Beyond

09 Apr / 2024

For Australian companies navigating the complexities of cyber resilience, having a dependable backup solution is not just a nice-to-have, it's a necessity. This is especially true in the face of increasingly sophisticated ransomware attacks, such as those executed by the LockBit ransomware family, known for their evolving tactics including tampering with Microsoft Server Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) and System Restore functionalities. Such attacks deliberately hijack data recovery, underscoring the critical need for resilient backup strategies, particularly in high-risk sectors such as healthcare and education. 

Backups are the final stage of the ASDs Essential Eight (E8) mitigation strategies framework; securing your data is therefore paramount in achieving maturity.

The Critical Role of Backups in Cybersecurity and Essential Eight

Backups stand as the cornerstone of effective cybersecurity defences, offering a reliable pathway to recovery in the aftermath of a ransomware attack. Without comprehensive data backups, organisations find themselves significantly handicapped, with few options for quick and reliable recovery. The challenge is compounded by ransomware's ability to execute lateral movements and destroy shadow copies, directly targeting the very mechanisms designed for data recovery. This manipulation of legitimate administrative tools to disable and remove VSS shadow copies is a stark reminder of the sophistication and persistence of cyber adversaries.

Cythera: Ensuring Data Resilience with Druva Backup Solutions

In our commitment to support Australian organisations in achieving Essential Eight (E8) compliance, Cythera has strategically partnered with Druva. 

Druva delivers cloud-native backup and premier data protection solutions, emphasising automation, security, and efficiency in data recovery. This approach is fully aligned with the Essential Eight's cybersecurity resilience directives.

By integrating Druva's technology, Cythera empowers teams to regularly back up crucial data, ensuring its swift restoration in the face of cyber incidents, from ransomware to accidental deletions.

Cythera's Role in Implementing Druva for E8 Compliance

At Cythera, our engineers deploy Druva’s cloud-native backup and recovery services to fortify our clients' cyber defences, focusing on critical areas such as data resilience, recovery capabilities, and protection against sophisticated cyber threats like ransomware.

  • Automated Backup Configuration: Our engineers configure the Druva platform to automate the backup process across your digital infrastructure. This includes setting up regular, scheduled backups for critical data across endpoints, cloud applications, and servers. By automating backups, we ensure that all essential data is continuously protected without relying on manual intervention, reducing the risk of data loss due to oversight or error.
  • Advanced Data Deduplication: Utilising Druva’s advanced data deduplication technology, Cythera engineers optimise storage efficiency by eliminating redundant data. This process significantly reduces storage costs and improves backup and recovery speeds. Our team tailors the deduplication process to each client’s specific data types and backup frequencies, ensuring optimal performance and cost-effectiveness.
  • Secure Data Encryption: We implement Druva’s secure encryption standards for data at rest and in transit, ensuring that all backed-up data is protected from unauthorised access. Our engineers configure encryption protocols to comply with industry standards and regulatory requirements, providing an additional layer of security for sensitive and confidential information.
  • Compliance Monitoring and Reporting: Our team leverages Druva’s compliance monitoring features to help clients adhere to data protection regulations and E8 guidelines. We set up comprehensive reporting and alerting mechanisms that notify our clients of any compliance discrepancies or potential vulnerabilities, enabling proactive remediation before they can be exploited by cyber threats.
  • Rapid Data Recovery and Ransomware Mitigation: At Cythera, we employ Druva’s ransomware detection features, for 24x7x365 monitoring. By tracking unusual data changes, our engineers catch ransomware out of the box, take swift action to isolate affected systems and begin the recovery process. Cythera engineers utilise Druva’s rapid data recovery capabilities to restore affected data from the latest backups, minimising downtime and operational impact.
  • Customised Endpoint Protection: Recognising the diversity of endpoint devices within organisations, our engineers customise Druva’s endpoint backup solutions to ensure comprehensive protection. This includes configuring backups for remote workers’ devices and implementing policies for data recovery that align with the organisation's risk profile and operational requirements.

Through these technical strategies and more, Cythera engineers harness the power of Druva to provide robust, scalable, and secure backup solutions. This technical expertise not only supports our clients in achieving E8 maturity but also builds a resilient foundation against the evolving threat landscape, safeguarding critical data and ensuring business continuity.

Fortifying Cyber Security in Australia with Cythera

Cythera’s collaboration with Druva is a testament to our commitment to bolstering cybersecurity defences and providing businesses with the tools to achieve E8 maturity.

Meet with us to explore how we can customise an E8 plan tailored to your team's needs, leveraging our partnership with Druva to secure your digital future.


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