Don’t Fall for the ‘Tick + Flick’ Trap: The difference between a true MDR and Tick + Flick Service

10 Feb / 2023

Cyber Security

An objection some customers have when we first connect is that they “already use a Managed Detection and Response service”, yet a little digging often reveals the protection they think they have is incomplete.

Many businesses believe they’ve adopted a comprehensive MDR service when the reality is it is a security alert notification system: a tick and flick service. ‘Tick and flick’ services notify you when problems appear in your network and in most cases, the security alert gets lost in a myriad of other notifications, and amongst a busy day, therefore cybersecurity risks go unnoticed.

It’s no secret that most data breaches are the result of an end-user error but ‘tick and flick’ services leave the critical task of evaluating and responding to those same users. To fully protect your business, go for the safer option: a comprehensive MDR service.

The problem with ‘tick and flick’

For some businesses, such as global enterprises with vast in-house security teams, a ‘tick and flick’ service might be adequate. Even so, if your business does have the in-house capabilities to effectively prevent all cyber-attacks, ‘tick and flick’ services are probably redundant.

For most, however, it falls short considerably. These types of security solutions are technology-led. They cross points off a checklist and notify you if a data breach or cyber-attack has occurred.

The problem here is the complete lack of any solution. Once you receive the notification, you must then deal with the problem. When bundled in with everything else your busy IT team does, security often ends up overlooked in favour of other priorities. 

MDR Service vs. Tick and Flick: What’s the difference?

The key difference between a true MDR service and ‘tick and flick’ technology is the amount of protection you get. Tech alone will notify you of a breach, but a comprehensive MDR service can truly prevent attack.

A full MDR service includes expert security analysts to sift through the data and, most importantly, act upon it. Rather than giving you the bad news and heading on their way, these analysts actively help you to prevent and respond to security incidents.

A comprehensive MDR service guides you in responding to incidents. They act on your behalf where necessary and constantly use your data to proactively improve security. They also remove false positives, reducing your time wasted sifting through non-problems.

That means potential breaches and malicious activity are caught and responded to before they become a problem.

How to avoid the ‘tick and flick’ trap

To avoid falling into the trap of a tick and flick service, partner with a comprehensive MDR service provider like Cythera. With best-in-class security experts analysing the information pulled by our Cythbot, Cythera works alongside your business to actively prevent incidents.

Cythera takes a human-first approach to cybersecurity. Our expert analysts are embedded into your team, allowing them to think and act as your business would. This allows us to automate responses to standard incidents and act on your behalf on the nuanced ones.

After a 4-week onboarding period, we have an intimate understanding of the approach your team takes against cyber threats and problematic behaviour. During this time, we define a playbook to quickly capture the low-hanging fruit and ensure we are always on the same page.

Supporting our human-first strategy is next-generation behavioural intelligence and threat detection technology. Sophisticated tech working alongside Australia’s leading technical engineers gives you a fully managed cybersecurity service.

The key to full protection is prevention: act fast

The value of MDR is that it helps prevent attacks across your network. It’s unlikely that your business has the time or resources to achieve these results internally, so an MDR service is ideal for protection from data breach and cyber-attack.

Cythera employs a collaborative and consultative level of MDR service that covers your entire cyber landscape. SOAR automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning provide a real-time security overview that enables your single primary contact to reduce response time and better prevent a cyber-attack.

Don't wait until it's too late. Protect your business with Cythera's premium Managed Detection & Response service, book in a no-obligation discovery session with our lead cybersecurity expert today.

In exchange for your time, and to thank you for choosing Cythera, we will make a $100 AUD donation on your behalf.
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